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Finding Link Directories in a Post Penguin World

Update: 10/28/2013 – A lot has changed, I would not try this strategy anymore. Use at your own risk. 


I am not a fan of directories. They don’t feel like something Google would want you to do, but – they aren’t against the rules (yet) and they are a valuable provider of anchor text, so I’ll use them. Many agencies have coveted list of free and cheap directories that they will submit their clients to, but since Google has deindexed numerous directories in the last year you can’t rely on dated internal lists of once valuable directories.


Image Courtesy of Flickr User xrayspx

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Big Brand Link Building: Identifying Link Opportunities via Misspellings

Everyone makes typos, including respected webmasters and journalists. If you are link building for brands you need to be two things – scalable and efficient. You can’t spend your time emailing individual sites who may or may not be interested in your content – you need wins. You can either create engaging content and make people want to link to you… or if you are a big enough brand you can find the people who meant to link to you.

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