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Competitive Analysis Hack: Find Blogs Linking to Your Competitors

Building links on sites that publish content on a regular basis is easier than having someone change hard coded content. Blogs need to publish on a regular basis or they will lose their audience.


Luckily, you can find most of the blogs linking to a competitor using Screaming Frog.

 Step 1) download all your competitor’s historic links from Majestic. Delete everything but the data in the source URL column:


Step 2) Delete duplicates and save it as a .csv file.


Step 3) Upload the file into Screaming Frog using “List Mode”


Step 4) Create the following custom filters:


For the most part, Filter 1’s export will be all blogs, and filter export two will be everything else.

For Filter 1’s export, I like to format it into a prospecting pivot table and add all of the high value link targets I find into Buzzstream.


This is one of Sun Tzu's stragery - If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. Not only applied in battleground but also in every marketing campaign as well as SEO. Thank you for sharing this John. Long live SEO!

JHTScherck moderator

@spookseo dude - i gotta ask. You comment on my blog a fair amount, but you are the largest link seller on Fivver. Are you finding that my tactics help with Fivver style link building? Or do you also do non-automated link building as well? This strategy could easily be used for Black Hat, but you seem to read this site regularly, so I had to ask. 

Got nothing against blackhats, I used to dabble when it was easy (pre-penguin) I just didn't know they would get any use out of this site :)


Huh. I've been doing something similar, but looking for footprints from the main blogging CMS's instead. But I guess this is more comprehensive. Cheers


Great post! Been doing something similar, but this just simplified the process big time,!

Never even thought of loading them into frog, Duh!

Dan and the boys do great work and your right, every time to use screaminfrog  for something you fidn another use. Or someone else does and shares a post like this. Nice one.


Sooooo legit! I am excited to cease on some guest blogging opportunities


JH, informative as always. This can definitely speed up prospecting from a competitive analysis perspective.


Simplez. Awesome idea sir! (Gotta love Screaming Frog)